hiya. i'm sari, a sixteen year old loser. i am futaba anzu in the cgfam. anime, kyoani, animation in general, pink, pastel, lolita fashion, cute, bjds, dolls, mmd, jpop, kpop, idols/idol groups, ranting, funny stuff. anime/games: madoka magica, free, kill la kill, im@s, dcc, dr & sdr2, knk, other things. warning: i do not tag things very often, other than "fav" and other personal comments.
Pink Diamond


destroy all people that call small boyish characters “#shotas”


Myers Briggs type: TFWNOGF


speaking of which, tsuritama was fucking amazing and i recommend it to everybody. please, please do yourself a favor and, if you haven’t already, watch tsuritama. it’s that good.

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"So what if nyaa and horriblesubs are down, just use Crunchyroll"


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*white 20-something on tumblr voice* buy me pizza and touch my butt I’m so lonely netflix

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me:i have no classes with anybody i know
my parents:that's how you make friends!!!